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Choosing the right group for outdoor and indoor events

Following are suggestions for selecting the right instrument combinations and number of performers for your ceremony or reception.

Click on the link to listen to a sample.

Outdoor wedding (100-200 guests, vast surrounding) or Indoor ceremony (i.e., a large church)

Brass Quintet
 Trumpet & String Quartet
 Trumpet & String Trio 

French Horn & String Quartet

French Horn & String Trio
Woodwind quintet
String Quartet

Outdoor wedding (under 100 guests, intimate location) or Indoor ceremony (i.e., a hotel or restaurant)

Trumpet & String Trio 

French horn & String Trio

Flute + String Trio

String Trio

Flute + String Duo

Guitar + String Duo (guitar with amp.)

Guitar, Flute, Cello (guitar with amp.)

String Quartet

Indoor wedding (under 50 guests, intimate location)

Violin, Guitar (guitar with amp.)
Flute, Guitar (guitar with amp.)
Violin, Harp
Flute, Harp
2 violins
Violin, Cello
Flute, Cello
Solo Guitar (with amp.)
Solo Harp

Solo Piano

Choosing the right combination of instruments:

Mix a melodic instrument (i.e., a violin or flute) with an accompanying instrument (i.e., a guitar, harp or piano)











Mix melodic instruments the way so you have every part (high, middle, bass) covered (i.e., a violin,flute, viola, cello)










You can mix melodic instruments with accompanying instruments the way so you have the melodic instrument on the top, the accompanying in the middle and the bass melodic on the bottom (i.e., a flute, guitar, cello or violin, harp, cello)

If you choose to have a duo mixing two melodic instruments, try to have one playing in the high register, one in the lower (i.e., a violin, cello or flute, cello)

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