Classical Ensembles

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String quartet ( 2 violins, viola, cello )
String trio ( 2 violins, cello / violin, viola, cello )
String duo ( 2 violins / violin, cello )

Mixed ensembles with Strings:
string quartet, voice
string quartet, French horn
string quartet, trumpet
3 strings, flute
3 strings, French horn
3 strings, guitar
violin, cello, flute
violin, cello, guitar
cello, flute, oboe
violin, guitar
violin, harp
guitar, flute
harp, flute

Brass and Woodwind

Brass quintet ( 2 trumpets, french horn, trombone, tuba )
Woodwind quintet ( flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, french horn)

Mixed ensembles with Brass or Woodwind:
trumpet, string quartet
French horn, string quartet
French horn, 3 strings
flute, 3 strings
flute, 2 strings
flute, oboe, cello
flute, guitar
flute, harp
trumpet, organ
trumpet, piano
French horn, organ
French horn, piano


Solo guitar

Mixed ensembles with Guitar:
guitar, flute
guitar, violin
guitar, voice
guitar, 2 strings
guitar, 3 strings
guitar, 4 strings


Solo harp

Mixed ensembles with Harp:
harp, flute
harp, violin
harp, 2 strings
harp, flute, cello

Piano / Organ

Solo piano
Solo organ

Mixed ensembles with Piano / Organ:
piano / organ, violin
piano / organ, flute
piano / organ, cello
piano / organ, voice
piano / organ, French horn
piano / organ, trumpet
piano, 2 strings
piano, flute, cello
piano, 3 strings
piano, flute, violin, cello
piano, 4 strings
piano, flute, violin, viola, cello